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About Us

NSN is a family owned, functional training based facility with the goal of working total body with a huge focus on core strength. Functional training consists of using free weight equipment. No machines. Machines make you sit down and be locked into a position and move in a particular direction. You do not use much core or stabilization muscles that are needed and used in everyday life.
I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. I have been exercising for about 12 years. Fitness is a huge passion of mine, and I want to share my knowledge to help others achieve their goals. NSN consists of so many individuals with different fitness abilities, goals, struggles, obstacles, and even specific injuries. The goal is just to start, and there will always be an exercise for you, not matter the modification. It is NEVER to late! You are your own individual, and I want you to improve YOU, no matter the time it takes! You CAN and WILL succeed at NSN!
Bootcamp programs are always based off of time so you pick your weight, modification, and reps. 7 days a week are all different routines. Bootcamps are always total body routines. They typically have a variety of exercises from resistance training to body weight, and cardio. The programs change every 6 weeks to prevent your body from hitting a plateau and to keep you progressing towards your goals. Everyone at NSN is at a different fitness level. But, they all have a lot of energy and motivation. Which is the best part of bootcamp, is the motivation, dedication and energy! You will be amazed at what your body can do with the right mind set and can do attitude!

NSN offers bootcamps, gym, personal training, nutrition, natural protein powders, supplements, body assessments, specific program design and the future of kettlebell cardio kickboxing. Lots of new equipment and always trying to expand. Dumbbells, kettlebells, squat rack, bench press, treadmills, sandbags, medicine balls, slam balls, battle training ropes, large tires, sledgehammers, stability balls, mini hurdles, speed and agility ladders, resistance bands, barbells, olympic weight plates, jump ropes, pull up bars, rings, carpet sliders, foam rollers, climbing rope, weight sleds, heavy bags.

NSN can help any individual (males, females, and kids) to start and create that path towards any goal. No goal is to small and no goal is to big. Keep your mind on the prize, and work hard each and everyday. Don’t worry about the time it will take, you will get there! Fitness starts from the inside and works out towards your physique. The variety of all different individuals makes NSN incredible. All different people, all mixed in one place, all going for the same goal….improving themselves and becoming healthier! Come check it out for yourself! 1st time is always FREE! No sales pressure. I just want you to be aware of what NSN is and what it can do for you. If it’s not for you, I hope the best and hope you will continue your fitness road with success wherever you may be!

You CAN do this! NEVER SAY NEVER!!!

Josh Dunn
NSN Fitness Facility
731 Concord Stage Road (Rte 77)
Weare, NH
(603) 325-2679